Social Media Management, Strategy & Design

Have you been struggling to keep your social media accounts up-to-date? Maybe some comments or messages have slipped through the cracks and that has just been wearing on you. This listing is for you!

The Details:

  • Monthly fee includes social media management for up to 2 social media accounts.

  • This listing includes strategy, planning, caption creation and management/customer service fielding, in addition to content creation — which could include photography and graphic design pieces.

  • Do you already have a good system for creating the content needed to feed into your social? Then maybe you just need some to plan and manage it all — check out my Social Media Management only listing.

  • Retainer projects (like this one) are billed monthly via email

Please contact me via my Contact Page or email (ohheystacy@gmail.com) to discuss specifications for your project and start date.

Prices start at $450 per month.