Grand Berry Theater

The Grand Berry Theater is a new mission-driven, movie theater and community space specializing in indie and local film -- coming soon to Fort Worth, TX. The theater, which seeks to embrace Fort Worth's artistic community while integrating the art deco style and story of their namesake theaters.

The local business takes its name from two historic Fort Worth theaters that still stand -- The Grand, located in east Fort Worth, opened in 1938 as a neighborhood theater for African Americans. The Berry, located at the intersection of Hemphill and West Berry, opened near 1930 as a theater serving a predominantly white population.

GrandBerry Moodboard.png

Logo Design

The first phase of this project has been logo design. Brook and Jimmy Sweeney, the fabulous husband and wife duo and owners of the Grand Berry Theater, quickly gravitated towards the dual hexagon design due to its nod towards its namesake theaters. To account for different signage dimensions -- both digital and in person, I create a few different executions of the hexagon brand. The Sweeneys want the space to be communal and inviting, so we also established a complementary graphic -- the classic couch.

GrandBerry Theater-full-small.png
GrandBerry-couch logo-small.png
GrandBerry Logo-hex only black-small.png