Content Strategy Consulting

Have you felt overwhelmed with everything that needs to go into planning and properly executed a content strategy? How is your social media, email marketing, blogging game going?

This content strategy session will help you determine what’s working and what’s not, while also mapping out a 6 months game plan to have all your content pieces working as one.

What’s included:

  • My research into the health and performance of your social media, email marketing and blogging/additional content pieces

  • A PDF report explaining findings

  • A 45 minute video call (or in-person meeting if local) to discuss findings

  • Recommendations will include the following:

    • Social Media: suggested content buckets, hashtags, themes, potential influencers, days of relevance, best times to post, and 5 sample captions for social

    • Email: 5 tips for more engaging emails, 5 examples of most clickable subject lines and suggested email marketing topics specific to your business

    • Blog: suggested content buckets, 2-3 suggested topics per content bucket

  • A master plan outlining when to post all of the above

  • Suggested project management tools to execute plan

Please contact me via my Contact Page or email (ohheystacy@gmail.com) to discuss specifications for your project and turnaround time.

Prices start at $500.