Brand Photographer, Designer & Social Media Consultant

Hey friend! My name is Stacy Aguilar, and along with the things mentioned above, I am a mama, wife, big fan of wine, coffee and Fort Worth (in no particular order), and a cheerleader for creatives and entrepreneurs. I love making and supporting others who make — both with digital resources and physical creations. I’m so pumped that you’re here and can’t wait to get talking.

Interested in all the things.

Growing up in Houston, I was surrounded by crafts, musicals, and soccer. I like to think it was my mom's crafting and my dad's singing that gave me my love for creating -- and maybe playing soccer helped feed my need for competition. Who knows. (But man I love a good game.)

I had so many interests growing up that as I went through semester after semester in college, I just couldn't decide. Eight majors later, I graduated Texas A&M University with a degree in sociology and an interest in the study of people and human nature. My interests led me to get my masters degree from NYU Wagner's School of Public Service.

A love for design & storytelling.

It was in New York that I fell in love with photography and storytelling. You see, I used to lug my DSLR camera around with me everywhere to take photos of food -- and there's a lot to choose from there! I also interned and worked on the social media teams of a few small businesses and advertising agencies, which is where I got my first glimpse at the engagement power of social media. I continued following these loves from New York City to Austin, and then finally to where I'm based today -- Fort Worth.

What I'm up to these days.

I was a graphic design teacher for the past five years and absolutely loved it. But with the birth of my second kiddo, I made the leap to stay home and dig into my creative pursuits. It’s been a blast so far, and I can’t believe I get the opportunity to fill my days with art projects, design work, and dancing with my littles.

So that’s my story.

There’s a bit of design, a little bit of art (hit me up at @woolandwow), and a whole lot of goofiness. Follow me at @stacyeaguilar to keep up with the antics, join in on the conversation, and who knows — plan our next great adventure!