Brand Photographer, Designer & Social Media Consultant

Hello! My name is Stacy Aguilar, and along with the things mentioned above, I am a former teacher, mother and entrepreneur, launching Wool & Wow in 2018 and Janie Bird & Co in 2016 -- six weeks after my first daughter was born.

Interested in all the things.

Growing up in Houston, I was surrounded by crafts, musicals, and soccer. I like the think it was my mom's crafting and my dad's singing that instilled in me my sense of creativity -- and maybe playing soccer helped feed my need for competition. Who knows. (But man I love a good game.)

I had so many interests growing up that as I went through semester after semester in college, I just couldn't decide. Eight declared majors later, I graduated Texas A&M University with a degree in sociology and an interest in the study of people and human nature. My academic interests then led me to get my masters degree from NYU Wagner's School of Public Service.

A love for photography & storytelling.

It was in New York that I fell in love with photography and storytelling. You see, I used to lug my DSLR camera around with me everywhere to take photos of food -- and there's a lot to choose from there! I also interned and worked on the social media teams of a few small businesses and advertising agencies, which is where I got my first glimpse at the engagement power of social media. I continued following these loves from New York City to Austin, and then finally to where I'm based today -- Fort Worth.

What I'm up to these days.

I've been a graphic design teacher for the past five years, and I've loved the challenge and creative freedom this position has allowed. I spend free moments with my daughter, husband, and dogs while starting new DIY projects around the house and thinking up new adventures; next one being preparing for Baby Girl #2!